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Chairman / CEO Message

CEO MessageThe primary aim and mission of the company is to make available high-tech communication equipment of VIVA brands to potential Customers in Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and Afghanistan and to generate attractive volume of sales on a sustainable growth basis. To provide general masses a quality and environmental friendly entertainment. To achieve maximum reach to end users through corporate network of distributors, dealers and retailers. To create strong brand awareness among general public regarding " VIVA", the company's own brand name for multiple products. The name and identity of the VIVA shall be competing with all other brands for the quality, accuracy, presentation and low prices, certainly backed by comfortable and easily accessible after sales service to Customers, purchasing from VIVA arrangements.

Company provides equal employment opportunity to each and all qualifying as to the age, academic and professional education and without any discrimination of gender, race, religion, marital status, physical handicap and/or political/social and even ideological affiliations. Company strictly forbids the child labor. There are no incidents of any sort of human rights violation. No affiliate of the company is/has ever been involved in any sort of terrorist activities.

Company's environmental policy purpose to urge productive and enjoyable harmony between people and places through rich environment, to promote efforts to prevent/eliminate damage to the environment and the biosphere and to increase understanding of ecological systems and natural resources. Company makes trading of only the environment friendly products. Company directs all its affiliates/employees to give due consideration to the environment and fulfill their responsibilities as trustees of environment for the coming generations, while assuring safe, healthy, creative and socially/culturally pleasing surroundings for all.

(Chairman / CEO)